Balancing the White Balance

What if you don’t have a set of lighting or an assistant with a reflector, but you still want to go to location and take some nice looking photos against a sunset?

Well, immediately, you’ll be facing a couple of problems.

First, the difference between exposures of the back of your subject and the front of your subject (again, if shooting against Sun).

And second, maybe even more important than the first one, the difference between temperature of the sunlight and an open shadow, which is where the front of the subject is.

To resolve these issues in retouching process, you’re gonna have to work separately with the subject and the background, step by step dealing with exposure and white balance differences.

There’s a number of ways to do so.  I personally find the White Balance Tool working quite well. Of course there’s always a Curves Tool, which has much more flexibility, but at the same time quite a lot more complicated.

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